Grateful Dead Gathering

Our beloved festival celebrated its 10 anniversary last year - The Gathering is a 24-hour celebration of the music of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia.

The heart and soul of this event is a dance party with various carefully chosen segments like Pigpen sets or music of The Roots of The Dead in the lead up to the main sets, focusing mainly on the Dead, but of course with sprinkles of Jerry Band and some of the other closely related acts. Lately at the Gathering we’ve  featured two or three bands that flow well with the frequency of the Dead.


Almost Cut My Hair

The 48-hour folk rock blues and psychedelic festival in the vein of Woodstock, with the participation of the best independent Israeli musicians (in our opinion, of course) whose performances are intertwined with DJ Sets to form a rock n’ roll-y wild party.

Each year the festival will follow a theme inspired by the acclaimed musicians among other things.

Almost Cut My Hair gives us a goal to promote our top musicians, give them the experience of how our festivals roll and participation in them, as well as deepen their connection with our audience and vice versa of course.


Winter Party

Seven Sweet Winter Parties Behind Us - The Winter Party is a night of pure-hearted dancing, the happiest dance party in the world from the first song to the wee hours of the night. 

 The Days Between Celebration

Jerry was born on August 1, 1942 and passed away  on August 9, 1995. Deadheads around the world mark and celebrate the first nine days of August, called Days Between

three years ago, when we dreamed  our "Grateful Music" association, it was clear to us that we want and determined to celebrate our mutual love also at the Days Between or as we call it in Hebrew "Bein Hameitarim"


Grateful Dead Gathering 2018

Kimaat Histaparti 2019