More than a decade has passed since we celebrated the Grateful Dead’s music at the first Gathering.

It still wasn’t called “Gathering”, nor were we known yet as "Grateful Music"and only a few knew

about our long strange events.

Those who came usually returned and even brought a passenger or a 

friend or a stranger or their Sugaree to the Promised Land.

Over the years we grew into a beautiful and colorful community of Dead Heads,

and those who love music in general.

The Gathering has since grown up and become a two-day event that also includes live performances

along with the requisite DJ sets.

Not long after a "Little Sister" was conceived in the form of the annual winter party.

And this year, for the first time, we produced a festival not dedicated to the Grateful Dead

(although their spirit was present from the first notes and riffs), Almost Cut My Hair. 

It lasted three days with great performances by independent Israeli musicians

along with DJ sets of rock, groove and psychedelic music from the sixties.

One of the Festival's main goals is to build a connection between the Dead Head community, independent

musicians and the wider music loving community that has grown around us.

We have never been in it for the profit (well maybe an Estimated Prophet), and all of our work has been voluntary.

We are driven by love and madness and the need to create alternative cultural events here.

But from year to year this task becomes more complex, and not just for us Heads. In the past year,

we have witnessed the cancellation of festivals and other difficulties facing our kind of events.

After a great deal of thought, and a burning desire to continue to put on these events for the community that’s grown

alongside of them, we are ready to embark on a new and strange trip, together with you, the wonderful people

we have been able to dance with and get to know in recent years.

The idea of ​​an "non-profit association" embodies one of the great values ​​of the Grateful Dead - Community.

Our association will preserve the memory of David Remler, the amazing man who sowed in our midst

the love to speak out and guided us to create these events. We feel that this is the right time to unite and understand

that without this step and without your cooperation, we won’t be able to continue this beautiful tradition,

let alone move it forward.

Joining the association as a member is simple and involves only a small annual membership fee.

But this fee provides a HUGE benefit to the association.

It entitles its members to benefits and, of course, a partnership and the ability to influence its direction.

In the coming days we will open registration for the association with additional information about our goals and vision.

With great blessings and solidarity, Jerry On, brothers and sisters.

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