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Grateful Dead Gathering 11 is on its way and will be our first Gathering as the Grateful Dead Music Amutah. Dearest friends of the nonprofit, Heads and music lovers, the pinnacle of our tradition occurs on April 16th and 17th ,for a crazy 24 hours of dancing in tie dyed Steal Your Face shirts, at the Desert Ashram, In Shitim.

A private link was sent to the friends of the amutah via email and SMS.

Line Up

Friday | 16.04

12:00 | Gates Open

15:00 | Jerry Garcia set with Josh Polsky to get you in the mood.
17:00 | "Almost Dead" with Shmulik Regev - Joe Russo and Friends party, One of the best tribute bands around
18:30 | "This is America" with Gil Matus, A celebration of Americana in music
20:00 | Live Music: Saga Véliz Band with a Psychedelic set
21:00 | Party time!: Grateful Dead until the wee hours. With Gil Matus, Barak Haimovich and Eran Remler

Saturday | 17.04

09:00 | "Not Just For American Kids Only" Kids AND Adults Show - Grateful Music Ensemble Performance
10:30 | Live Music: Twin Tree Grove Band with Folk and Country Rock
11:30 | The Jerry Garcia party with Michal Ben Isaac for your grooving pleasure
13:00 | After Party: Another Grateful Dead set...Because We're Addicted! With Stav Potok


The Gathering will be held this year in a new and spectacular location - at the Desert Ashram in Shitim, Arava area. This time, we are going to experience the desert on a completely different level.

* Please note that the number of participants in the event is limited!
The campground is located inside  the Ashram and camping is free of charge.
If you need a mattress, you can also rent one from the Ashram. 

** Members of the association will be given the first priority to reserve family tents until March 1. After that, any other vacant family tents will be made available to all attendees.

Reservations for the big common tents will be open to everyone from the get-go.

Food & Drinks

In the Ashram there's a nice vegetarian restaurant for u to visit. 

The beer for the event will come straight to us from the Willow Beer Brewery in three different and tasty brews.

Environment Responsibility

Grateful Music is an eco - friendly non-profit organization.
At the Gathering you will be able to purchase multi-use cups that will use during the whole event.
and will save us unnecessary plastic usage.
All meals will be served on disposable dishes.

Event site information

The Ashram is well kept  and has toilets and showers.

Please do not come with coolers for the event, they will not be allowed in. 

It is strictly forbidden to light any fires, including gas stoves and coffee makers 

Glass bottles are prohibited.

Unfortunately, the entry of animals to the site ground is also prohibited. So please find a doggie sitter. 

The weather should be perfect for us, however, keep in mind that the night in the desert may be a little cooler this season, so bring warm clothes. To quote mom, better safe than sorry. 

Pricing List

A private link was sent to the friends of the amutah via email and SMS.


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